Is there anything I can do to prepare my self for the procedure?

  • Keep out of the sun and refrain from using fake tan for the week before your appointment.

  • Unplucked brows will help me give you the most natural look and do not tint as it can alter my perception of your natural brow colour.

  • Avoid taking any blood thinners i.e. aspirin, before the treatment. This includes Fish Oil, ibuprofen and Vitamin E.

  • Vitamin A/retinoids are to be stopped 1 month prior to treatment. This ensures the best chance for healing.

  • The healthier your skin, the better the results. If you are over 45 years old, I suggest you prepare your skin with loads of hydration. This can be done with good skin care.

  • If you have had Botox, make sure that it was at least 4 weeks prior. This can greatly affect the symmetry of your brows.

  • Avoid alcohol for 24-48 hours before treatment.

  • Avoid caffeine the day of procedure.

  • Treatment during pregnancy and breast feeding is not advised.